Morning Exercise | 7 Minutes energy boost – Advanced

Looking for energy in the morning? To activate and prepare your body for the day? than this video is exactly what you need! Enjoy it!

Core Muscles | 10 Minutes training for better posture

This video is meant to be your upper body prevention training. Here you´ll learn how to strengthen your core muscles, so your spine will be safe.
Enjoy it!
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Morning Exercise | 7 Minutes energy boost – Beginners

Morning exercise is your new slogan! This video will be a great support for your body- mind connection in this tough period, cause you can do it easily at home. Start slowly and gradually!
This video will help you to wake up your body, specially your core and back muscles, they are the ones that carry and distribute your body weight in every single possition during the entire day.
Connect with your body!
Be active!
Be holistic!