Peter Janiga Hooktherapy

My name is Peter Janiga. I was born on 14 March 1973 in Slovakia, where I spent an unforgettable childhood. Despite my technical education, I have always been interested in the human body – how it works, why it is behaving in a certain way and not otherwise, etc. I took up this subject again when I decided to solely focus on the human body and, in 2011, I received a Masseur certificate for classical and sport massage. Since then, I have dedicated myself professionally to my clients and I am constantly learning to offer them the best. Given that I see the human body as a perfect construction that needs to function 100%, I try to work with it in a manner that keeps its performance high long term.

About 80% of the clients who come to my office have back problems. I am no exception and, in the course of my practice, I have had problems with herniated discs. It was very clear to me that if I wanted to continue working, I had to do something very quickly. All the available therapies for herniated disc problems that I tried were not what I needed and what I was looking for. I had no choice but to come up with a therapy that would be effective and not demanding.

The result of this search is Hooktherapy. Why Hooktherapy? The device I use for therapy / Janiga Hook / is shaped like the letter H, hence, the name Hooktherapie. Today, after more than 3 years of experience with Hooktherapie, I can say that my own disc herniation problem was not an accident, but an impulse to find a way to help people with the same condition. Hooktherapie has become my way of life and because of this I’ve had the opportunity to meet exceptional people; people who constantly teach you something new. One of these people is Alexandra. Alexandra is a physiotherapist and her job is her mission. She is interested in new things and, like me, she is looking for ways to help patients. Alexandra got excited about Hooktherapy from the very first moment and showed me how we can use it for patients with acute or chronic problems. I was so fascinated by her professional perspective that we quickly became a team and together we developed a comprehensive therapy for patients with herniated discs.

Spoken languages: German, Slovak, English