Barbora Dlhopolček

My name is Barbora Dlhopolček, I am a physiotherapist and working with people really fulfills me. I am happy when the results of my work put a smile on the face of my patients and help them on their way a better life. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Physical Therapy and many years of experience in the field, and also completed various courses such as Therasuit, PNF, vestibular therapy, quantum reflex integration, Kinesiotaping, manual therapy, Dorn method basics and many more. Since starting the practice, I have worked primarily with children with motor and intellectual disabilities, but also with adults with neurological problems and more. I am interested in therapies based on a holistic approach, which provides a more comprehensive view of the patient’s problems and can help to discover and heal blockages and pain at a physical level, but also energetically, while helping improve mental adjustment. I am fascinated by the effects of aromatherapy, crystal healing, yoga, as well as supporting the body internally through proper nutrition.

Spoken languages: German, Slovak, English