Aromatherapy – doTERRA

Aromatherapy refers to the use of essential oils to alleviate illnesses or to increase well-being. It is a form of phytotherapy (herbal medicine) and belongs to complementary medical methods. The use of fragrances in private households has long since become common, even if the word aromatherapy is rarely used for it. Aromatic baths, massage oils and fragrance lamps are just some of the examples.
With the help of a Zyto assessment, the best application of essential oil will be adapted to your needs.

Zyto gives you a clear picture of the imbalances in your body and how your lifestyle is affecting your health: every reaction of the body is recorded by Zyto and presented later in the programme as a physical and emotional “wellness” report.

In addition to energy scanning of the entire body: organs, lymphatic system, gastrointestinal system, cardiovascular system, meridians, detoxification, immune system, nutrition – 172 aspects in total, Zyto shows you which are the main stressors of the body, for example: parasites, heavy metals, vitamin deficiencies, hormonal stressors, enzymes or probiotics, etc.
It also depicts your emotional scale, indicating which destructive emotions affect the body in order of intensity. By doing so, it’s then easy to exactly identify the main patterns that should be addressed, so your health could be immediately improved.

*Zyto is not a medical device for diagnosis or cure