QRI – Primitive Reflex Integration

The Quantum Reflex Integration method combines the effects of cold laser, sound and primitive reflex integration techniques to aid harmonious neural development. Integrating primitive reflexes with this method brings the central nervous system back to life, so rapid and visible results are present. These techniques create new patterns of both primitive and lifelong reflexes, thus contributing to an efficient process of neural development.

The integration process of primitive reflexes can be interrupted or disrupted at appropriate times of integration. At these times, non-integrated reflexes interfere with different aspects of learning, physical, mental, emotional and behavioural development. The correct integration of a reflex connects nerve cells together or creates new neural pathways to allow rapid and efficient neural transmission. People with conditions such as:
brain trauma,
Cerebral palsy,
Trisomy 21/Down Syndrome,
learning problems/ impediments,
Parkinson’s disease,
physical pain
notice a significant reduction in symptoms with the QRI method.

Colleagues from all over the world who practice this method with me observe that pain is relieved and healing is faster with the Reflex Integration protocol. We notice that muscle tone regulates, physical, cognitive and emotional developmental blocks are cleared, so progress in all these areas is not slow to appear: posture, function (holding the head, sitting, standing and even walking, also attention, speech, hand dexterity, emotional intelligence). QRI has been proven to work for people with disabilities, but it also helps others in reaching their full potential and strengthening neurological connections, see BodyMind Balance.