QRI Footbath

Ionic footbaths are often used in holistic health centres and spas to aid in detoxification The “QRI” frequency Sweep on the Vital Life Pro, Harmonic Helmet, and QRI Footbath. A frequency sweep is set of frequencies that play in a specific order for particular goals and/or conditions. The QRI frequencies are a group of frequencies that Bonnie have found to go with each primitive reflex. They have been added to VLP, helmet, and footbath along with the CMT and several other beneficial sweeps. The sweep begins with frequencies for Moro, FPR, and to the end with head righting. This sequence takes 30 minutes and is an excellent compliment to a QRI session. At the Brain Boost Center, we use both the mat and helmet while running the QRI frequencies during laser reflex integration sessions.

The sweep begins with frequencies to relax the nervous system, then goes through each reflex in the QRI order to activate the areas of the brain associated with it and by addressing various characteristics of each reflex (movement, speech, cognition, etc.), and then ends by pulling them all together.
We see regularly how it supports development, health, and progress while using the QRI laser protocols.