Althea – Movement for Healthier Life

The name The Althea comes from Greece, where it means “healing”, or “with healing powers”. The name completely fits the product since the movement with it can contribute a lot to your overall health and can support any pain in general. Of course, The Althea is just the tool for it, and the real power of healing is in our hands, while The Althea supports us in the process of getting there, to a life of health, in the most comfortable and doable way, even when our body capacity is low, or if we never practice any movement before.

The Althea is a distinctive Aerial trapeze, designed and manufactured by Efi Love Light.


The practice with The Althea can reduce daily pain or even chronic pain in any part of the body. Particularly, it helps incredibly to relieve back pain. The Althea can contribute also to the healing process after injuries such as herniated disc, spinal cord displacement, scoliosis, and more.

How does it work

The practice with The Althea is very diverse, with many options for training, strengthening, and calming the body and the mind. It can be very simple movements and stretches, or very powerful strengthening practice. But the real uniqueness of the movement with the Althea is that we can really deepen any stretch with the support of the straps, pillows, and cradles, gain deep tissue stretches and reach to muscles we normally cannot reach without the support.

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